Listing: all ESAA competitors at 1991 World Championships

(S, I, and J = ESAA age groups: Senior, Intermediate, and Junior)

Ade Mafe 1982 J 200m silver
1983 I 200m gold
4x400m (heat) gold 1990 Commonwealth bronze (200m)
Andy Bristow 1979 S 5000m gold 10,000m 16th in final
Ann Williams 1982 S 400m gold 800m 7th in final 1990 Commonwealth silver
Bev Kinch 1979 I Long Jump silver
1980 I Long Jump bronze
1981 S Long Jump gold
1982 S Long Jump gold
100m quarter-final
4x100m 6th in heat
1982 Commonwealth bronze
1990 European bronze (4x100m)
Christina Boxer Cahill 1970 J 800m bronze
1971 J 800m silver
1972 I 800m gold
1500m 5th in heat 1982 Commonwealth gold
1990 Commonwealth silver
Colin Mackenzie 1978 I Javelin gold
1979 I Javelin gold
1980 S Javelin gold
Javelin 13th in qualification pool
Dalton Grant 1982 I High Jump gold High Jump 4th place 1990 Commonwealth silver
1998 Commonwealth gold
David Nelson 1984 S 110m hurdles 4th 110m hurdles semi-final 1990 Commonwealth bronze
Debbie Marti 1981 J High Jump bronze
1982 J High Jump gold
1983 I High Jump gold
1984 I High Jump gold
1985 S High Jump bronze
High Jump 9th in qualification pool 1994 Commonwealth bronze
Derek Redmond 1982 I 400m silver
1983 S 400m silver
400m semi-final
4x400m gold
1986 European gold (4 x400),
1987 World C’ship silver (4×400)
Eamonn Martin 1973 J Cross Country gold
1975 I 1500m gold
10,000m 15th in final 1990 Commonwealth gold
1993 London Marathon winner
Fiona May 1983 J Long Jump silver
1985 I Long Jump silver
1986 I Long Jump gold
1987 S Long Jump gold
1988 S Long Jump gold
1989 S Long Jump gold
Long Jump 10th in qualification pool 1990 Commonwealth bronze (for Italy)
1994 European bronze
1995 2001 World C’ship gold
1996 Olympic silver
1997 World C’ship bronze,
1998 European silver
1999 World C’ship silver, 2000 Olympic silver
Geoff Parsons 1980 I High Jump gold
1982 S High Jump gold
1983 S High Jump gold
High Jump dns 1983 British record (at ESAA Championship)
1986 Commonwealth silver
1990, 1994 Commonwealth bronze (for Scotland)
Ian McCombie 1975 J 3000m Walk gold
1976 I 5000m Walk gold
1977 I 5000m Walk gold
20 km Walk 27th place 1986, 1990 Commonwealth bronze (30 km Walk)
Jacqui Parker 1984 S 400m hurdles silver
1985 S 400m hurdles silver
400m hurdles 5th place in round 1 1993 WAAA champion
Jason Livingstone 1987 I 100m silver 100m 5th place in round 1
Jennifer Stoute 1984 S 200m 3rd in heat 200m round 2 1990 European bronze (4x400m), Commonwealth silver (4x100m), gold (4x400m),
1992 Olympic bronze (4x400m)
John Herbert 1979 S Triple Jump gold Triple Jump 8th in qualification pool 1986 Commonwealth gold
Judy Oakes 1973 I Shot Put bronze
1974 I Shot Put gold
1975 S Shot Putt gold
1976 S Shot Put gold
Shot Put 8th in qualification pool 1978 Commonwealth bronze,
1982, 1994, 1998 Commonwealth gold
1986, 1990 Commonwealth silver
Julie Drake 1986 S 5000m Walk gold
1987 S 5000m Walk gold
10 km Walk 39th place 1993 WAAA silver
Kay Morley Brown 1981 S 100m hurdles silver 100m hurdles semi-final 1990 Commonwealth gold (for Wales)
Kirsty McDermott Wade 1979 S 800m silver
1980 S 800m gold
1500m 6th in final 1982 Commonwealth gold (800m) (for Wales)
1986 Commonwealth gold (800m, 1500m) (for Wales)
Lesley-Anne Skeete 1981 J 75m hurdles bronze
1982 I 80m hurdles bronze
1984 S 100m h bronze
1985 S 100m hurdles gold
1986 S 100m hurdles gold
100m hurdles 4th in heat 1990 Commonwealth silver
Linda Keough 1979 I 400m gold
1980 I 400m gold
1981 S 400m bronze
400m semi-final
4x400m 4th in final
1986 Commonwealth silver (4x400m)
1990 European bronze (4x400m), Commonwealth silver (400m), Commonwealth gold (4x400m),
1993 World bronze (4x400m relay)
1994 Commonwealth gold (4x400m)
Linford Christie 1979 S 200m silver 100m 4th in final
200m semi-final
4x100m bronze
1986 European gold (100m) bronze (4x100m), Commonwealth silver (100, 4x100m)
1987 World C’ship bronze (100m)
1988 Olympic bronze (100m, 4x100m)
1990 European gold (100m), bronze (200m), silver (4x100m), Commonwealth gold (4x100m)
1992 Olympic gold
1993 World C’ship gold (100m) silver (4x100m)
1994 Commonwealth gold (100m)
Lorraine Baker 1977 J 800m gold
1979 I 800m gold
1980 I 800m silver
800m semi-final 1986 Commonwealth bronze
Lorraine Hanson 1980 I 200m bronze
1983 S 200m bronze
400m semi-final
4x400m 4th in final
1989 WAAA silver (400m hurdles)
Mark Richardson 1988 I 400m gold
1989 S 400m gold
1990 S 400m silver
4x400m (heat) gold 1996 Olympic silver (4x400m)
1997 World C’ship gold (4x400m)
1998 European bronze (400m), gold (4x400m), Commonwealth silver (400m, 4x400m)
Matthew Yates 1987 S 800m bronze 1500m 10th in final 1990 European bronze (800m)
Michelle Edwards 1983 J 75m hurdles bronze 100m hurdles 6th in heat 1995 WAAA silver
Mick Hill 1981 I Javelin silver
1983 S Javelin gold
Javelin 5th in final 1986, 1994 Commonwealth silver
1993 World bronze
1998 European silver, Commonwealth bronze
Myrtle Augee 1981 I Shot Put silver Shot Put 7th in qualifying pool 1986 Commonwealth bronze
1990 Commonwealth gold
1994, 1998 Commonwealth silver
Oluyinka Idowu 1988 I Heptathlon gold
1989 S Heptathlon gold
1989 S Long Jump bronze
1990 S Long Jump silver
Long Jump 12th in final 1994 Commonwealth silver
Paula Dunn Thomas 1983 S 100m bronze 100m quarter-final
4x100m 6th in heat
1986 Commonwealth silver (100m) gold (4x100m),
1990 European bronze (4x100m), Commonwealth silver (4x100m)
1994 Commonwealth bronze (100 m, 4x100m)
Paula Fryer 1988 S 800m silver 800m 7th in heat 1991 WAAA gold
Paul Head 1979 J Hammer silver
1980 I Hammer silver
1981 I Hammer gold
1982 S Hammer silver
1983 S Hammer gold
Hammer 10th in qualifying pool 1994 Commonwealth silver 2002 Commonwealth bronze
Rob Denmark 1985 I 1500m gold
1986 S 1500m bronze
1987 S 1500m bronze
5000m 9th in final 1994 European silver, Commonwealth gold
Roger Black 1984 S 200m 4th 400m silver
4x400m gold
1986 European gold (400m, 4x400m), Commonwealth gold (400 m, 4x400m)
1987 World C’ship silver (4x400m)
1990 European gold (400 m, 4x400m)
1992 Olympic bronze (4x400m)
1994 European silver (400m), gold (4x400m)
1996 Olympic silver (400, 4x400m)
1997 World C’ship gold (4x400m)
Sally Gunnell 1980 J Long Jump gold
1983 S 100m hurdles gold
1984 S 100m hurdles gold
400m hurdles silver
4x400m 4th in final
1986 Commonwealth gold (100m hurdles)
1990 European bronze (4x400m), Commonwealth gold (400m hurdles, 4x400m)
1992 Olympic gold (400m hurdles), bronze (4x400m)
1993 World C’ship gold & world record (400m hurdles) bronze (4x400m)
1994 European gold, Commonwealth gold (400m hurdles, 4x400m)
Sharon Gibson 1980 S Javelin gold Javelin 8th in qualifying pool 1994 Commonwealth bronze
Simmone Jacobs 1981 J 200m gold
1983 I 200m gold
1984 S 200m gold
1985 S 200m silver
200m semi-final
4x100m 6th in heat
1984 Olympic bronze (4x100m)
1990 European bronze (4x100m), Commonwealth silver (4x100m)
1994, 1998 Commonwealth bronze (4x100m)
Simon Williams 1982 J Shot Put silver
1983 J Discus bronze
1984 I Shot Put gold
1985 S Shot Put gold
1986 S Shot Put gold
1987 S Discus gold
Discus 11th in qualifying pool 1990 Commonwealth gold (Shot Put)
Stephanie Douglas 1987 S 100m hurdles silver 100m 4x100m quarter-final 6th in heat 1990 European bronze (4x100m), Commonwealth silver (4x100m)
1994 Commonwealth bronze (4x100m)
Steve Backley 1985 I Javelin silver
1986 S Javelin gold
1987 S Javelin gold
Javelin 5th in qualifying pool 1990-2002 European gold
1990, 1994, 2002 Commonwealth gold
1992 Olympic bronze
1995, 1997 World C’ship silver
1996, 2000 Olympic silver
1998 Commonwealth silver
Steve Cram 1975 J Cross country bronze
1977 I 1500m gold
1978 S 1500m gold
1979 S 1500m gold
1500m semi-final 1982, 1986 European & Commonwealth gold
1983 World C’ship gold
1984 Olympic silver
1986 European bronze (800m), Commonwealth gold (800m)
Steve Heard 1979 S 400m bronze
1980 S 400m gold
800m semi-final 1991, 1992 AAA silver
Steve Smith 1987 J High Jump gold
1988 I High Jump silver
1989 I High Jump silver
1990 S High Jump silver
1991 S High Jump silver
High Jump 16th in qualifying pool 1993 World C’ship bronze
1994 European & Commonwealth silver
1996 Olympic bronze
Tony Jarrett 1986 S 110m hurdles gold 110m hurdles bronze
4x100m bronze
1990 European & Commonwealth silver
1993 World C’ship silver (110m hurdles, 4x100m)
1994 European bronze, Commonwealth silver
1995 World C’ship silver
1998 Commonwealth gold