Listing: all ESAA competitors at 1964 Olympics

(S, I, and J = ESAA age groups: Senior, Intermediate, and Junior)

Adrian Metcalfe 1958 I 220yds bronze
1959 S 220yds gold
1960 S 220yds gold
400m quarter-final
4x400m silver
1962 European silver (4x400m)
1966 Commonwealth silver (4x400m)
Ann Packer 1956 J High Jump final
1958 I 150yds silver
1959 S 100yds gold
1960 S 220yds silver
400m silver
800m gold world record
1962 European bronze (4x100m) Commonwealth silver (4x100m)
Chris Carter 1959 I 880yds bronze 800m semi-final 1966 British record
Dorothy Hyman 1956 J 110yds gold 100m 8th in final
200m semi-final
4x100m bronze
1958 European silver (4x100m), Commonwealth gold (4x110yds)
1960 Olympic silver (100m), bronze (200m)
1962 European gold (100m), silver (200m), bronze (4x100m) Commonwealth gold (100 200yds), silver (4x110yds)
Frances Slaap 1959 S High Jump bronze
1960 S High Jump gold
High Jump 6th place 1964-5 WAAA champion
Gwenda Matthews 1958 J High Jump gold
1959 J High Jump gold
1960 I High Jump gold
High Jump 16th place 1964, 1967 WAAA 3rd
Janet Simpson 1959 J 150yds gold
1961 I 150yds gold
1962 S 220yds gold
1963 S 220yds gold
200m 7th in final
4x100m bronze
1966 Commonwealth silver (4x110yds)
1969 European gold (4x400m)
John Cooper 1957 I Triple Jump gold 400m hurdles silver
4x400m silver
John Whetton 1958 I 880yds silver
1959 S 880yds gold
1960 S 880yds gold
1500m 8th in final 1969 European gold
Linda Knowles 1960 J High Jump gold
1961 J High Jump gold
1962 J High Jump gold
1963 I High Jump gold
1964 S High Jump gold
1965 S High Jump gold
High Jump 22nd place 1962 European bronze
Madeleine Weston-Cobb 1955 J 100yds gold
1956 I 100yds gold
100m 6th place in heat 1958 European silver (4x100m), Commonwealth bronze (100yds), gold (4x110yds)
1970 Commonwealth silver (4x100m)
Mary Bignal Rand 1955 I Long Jump silver
1956 I Long Jump gold
1957 I High Jump gold
Long Jump gold
Pentathlon silver
4x100m bronze
1958 Commonwealth silver (LJ)
1962 European bronze (LJ 4x100m), Commonwealth gold (LJ)
Mary Hodson 1964 S 880yds gold 800m semi-final
Mike Lindsay 1955 I Discus gold
1956 S Discus gold
Shot Put 19th place 1962 Commonwealth silver (discus and shot)
Mike Ralph 1957 S Triple Jump gold Triple Jump 18th place 1958 Commonwealth 15th
Pat Kippax 1959 S 220yds gold
1960 S 220yds gold
400m semi-final
Peter Radford 1955 I 100yds gold
1957 S 100yds gold
100m quarter-final
200m quarter-final
4x100m 8th in final
1958 European bronze (100m), silver (4x100m), Commonwealth gold (4x100m)
1960 Olympic bronze (100 4x100m)
1960 world record (220yds)
1962 Commonwealth gold (4x100m)
Peter Warden 1959 220yds hurdles silver 400m hurdles semi-final 1966 Commonwealth bronze (400m hurdles and 4x400m)
Robbie Brightwell 1956 I 220yds gold
1957 S 220yds gold
400m 4th in final
4x400m silver
1962 European gold (400m), silver (4x400m), Commonwealth silver (440yds and 4x440yds)
Sheila Parkin Sherwood 1960 J Long Jump gold
1961 I Long Jump silver
1962 I Long Jump gold
1963 I Long Jump gold
1964 J Long Jump gold
Long Jump 13th in final 1966 Commonwealth silver
1968 Olympic silver
1970 Commonwealth gold
Sue Platt 1957 I Javelin gold Javelin 9th in final 1962 Commonwealth gold