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  • From largest to smallest, what our historic trophies tell us about athletics
    The Amateur Athletic Association (AAA) trophies are a wealth of information about the history the sport. Some of the great names of athletics appear on the trophies, and the stories of the sponsors of each event gives an insight into how athletics has developed over the years. The oldest trophies […]
  • William Land: sporting soldier so close to becoming an Olympian
    The story of a remarkable athlete who’s Olympic dreams were thwarted by war
  • 2023: 100 years of Women’s Athletics
    The end of the 2023 outdoor season marks 100 years since the inaugural Women’s Amateur Athletic Association Championship in 1923. Find out about that first champs, and the pioneering female athletes who paved the way for women’s athletics today.
  • Great Britain v Greece Signed Athletics Programme, 1951
    What links the world’s first four-minute mile and the 1955 Wimbledon Ladies Doubles title? Take a look in the Athletics Museum Archives to find out…
  • The Hereford Ghost Runners: legacy of a legend
    The story of John Tarrant aka the “ghost runner”, one of the greatest runners never to compete, at least officially. Find out how he got his nickname, who supported his career when he was banned from competition, and how his legacy lives on in the city of Hereford.