Amateur Athletic Association Trophies

The Amateur Athletic Association has guardianship of many historic and valuable trophies, many of which were donated or sponsored by high profile individuals or companies and still bear their names.

Several of the trophies date back to the earliest days of the Amateur Athletic Association which was formed in 1880, and some are even older, having been donated to the Amateur Athletic Club, formed in 1866 and precursor to the AAA. The Women’s Amateur Athletic Association was founded in 1922. The varying ages of the women’s trophies reflect the fight women had to be allowed to compete at all disciplines in the sport of athletics.

The trophies were presented to winners of the AAA and WAAA Championships until 2006. From 2007 until 2010 the championships were known as the UK Championships, since 2010 the trophies have been presented at the England Senior Championships.

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