About us

The Athletics Museum is a digital first museum, created as part of the Athletics Heritage project, a joint venture between the Amateur Athletic Association (AAA) and England Athletics (EA).

Vision & Purpose

Inspiring people to shape their future
by understanding where they belong 
in the story of athletics

Athletics is for everyone. It is the cradle of sport, from the ancient Olympics to childhood games with friends, from school sports to the elite competitors of today and tomorrow.
Athletics is the basis of fitness, well-being, and social cohesion, providing opportunities for camaraderie and positive relationships through healthy rivalry with ourselves and our contemporaries. 

The Athletics Museum has three core purposes:

  1. Celebrating the history and development of athletics – by knowing where we came from we can see how we all fit into the story

  2. Providing a space and community where athletic achievement, expertise, trials and triumph can live on to inspire participants at all levels

  3. Using our resources to encourage people to improve their well-being by engaging with the stories of athletics and those who have come before us


The Athletics Museum is a wholly digital museum. We currently do not have a permanent home or storage facilities for museum objects, therefore we are unable to accept donations at the present time. However, we might be able to advise on other archives or collections to speak to.

Contact us

You can contact The Athletics Museum using hello@theathleticsmuseum.org.uk

Please be aware that we are a very small team who work part time, we will reply to you as soon as we can but please allow 10 working days for a response.

Thank you